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Zora Arson was the sister and willing accomplice of Boris Arson. She was of medium height, slender build, and had short dark hair. She often smoked cigarettes.

Aiding Her Brother[]

Zora disguised herself as a man and posed as an attorney as part of a plot to help her brother escape from jail. At Boris' request, she attempted to kill Mary Steele (who had informed on Boris), but was unsuccessful.

Following Boris' escape, he and Zora tricked the Native American Chief Yellowpony into helping them flee the city. Pursued by Dick Tracy, Pat Patton and Yellowpony, the pair sought refuge at the Ozark mountain hideout of Cutie Diamond, one of Zora's former partners-in-crime, with whom she had robbed several banks.

Hiding Out with Cutie Diamond[]

Diamond proudly showed the Arsons around his secluded home, and demonstrated how he slept at night in a secret cave guarded by wildcats. It was in this cave that Boris, Zora, and Cutie were later trapped when Tracy and the others arrived. Tracy pumped carbon monoxide into the cave in an effort to force the criminals out. Cutie and Zora attempted to shoot their way out, but both were killed by police gunfire.


  • Zora was an ally of her brother, and she aided in his escape from jail, but they never specifically sought revenge against Dick Tracy and the police. She therefore does not qualify as a Revenge-Seeking Relative.
  • It was suggested that Zora and Cutie Diamond may have been romantic partners, either at some point in the past or during their adventure with Boris, but this was not explicitly stated in the strip.
  • ZoraMaybe

    The unnamed prison inmate who appeared after Zora's apparent demise.

    Later in 1935, Toby Townley would serve time in a prison with a scheming female inmate who was never named, whose crime was never identified, and who strongly resembled Zora Arson.
  • At one point, Boris Arson takes a photograph of the pair, with Zora smoking a cigar and Diamond posing with a sub-machine gun over the hood of his car. This seems to be inspired by similar photos taken of the real-life criminal couple Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow.
  • The criminal Doubleup identified Boris Arson as his uncle, meaning that Zora would have been an aunt to Doubleup. Alternatively, Zora COULD have been Doubleup's mother, as his parentage has not been explicitly stated.