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Ziggy was an associate of the criminal Laffy Smith. Ziggy was a short, heavyset man who wore eyeglasses.

Following the death of Needles, Laffy decided to take control of the drug ring with which he was involved. He informed Ziggy, one of his distributors. Ziggy went along with Laffy's plan, and continued to deliver drugs to Laffy's clients.

After a short time, Laffy found that his jaw became stuck open. Ziggy arranged for a doctor to see Laffy, who was able to un-stick Laffy's jaw. The doctor informed the police of Laffy's location, and Laffy and Ziggy fled to the home of Lita Lure, Laffy's girlfriend.

By this time, Laffy's jaw had become stuck closed, and Ziggy took advantage of the opportunity to seize control of the drug ring. Ziggy taunted Laffy over his misfortune.

Dick Tracy and the police were able to track down Laffy and Ziggy, and the two men were taken into custody. Laffy died of starvation shortly after they were arrested.


  • There is no connection between Ziggy and the long-running newspaper comic of the same name by Tom Wilson.