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Zero Nought was a criminal in Dick Tracy's city. He had thin light hair and wore round pince-nez eyeglasses. He had an elaborate wardrobe and operated out of a penthouse apartment.

At the time of his encounter with Dick Tracy in the 1970s, Zero Nought had recently been released from prison after serving a twenty-year sentence for murder.

The Revenge Plot[]

Nought planned to kill the four men he held responsible for sending him to prison. These men were Judge Barr, the prosecuting attorney (who was now a District Attorney), the jury foreman, and the arresting officer (Dick Tracy).

Dick Tracy's face was already well-known to him, but Nought required new photographs of the other three men. With this in mind, Nought's young associate Dale Elad remembered a former classmate named Leyden Aigg, who was a photography enthusiast. Nought approached Aigg and convinced him to pose as a photojournalist, convincing Aigg that his initiative would get him a staff position on some important newspaper or magazine.

Nought succeeded in murdering the first two men on his list. He planted several false clues at the scenes of both murders, but Tracy and the MCU were able to quickly deduced the actual nature of the crimes and Nought's pattern. Tracy prevented the murder of the jury foreman, but Nought escaped.

Trapped with the Aiggs[]

Aigg became suspicious of Nought and went to the police. He provided the MCU with Nought's address. The police raided Nought's apartment, but Nought escaped. He fled to the Aigg's home and held Leyden and his overbearing mother hostage. After several days, the Aiggs managed to lock Nought inside a large walk-in freezer in their kitchen and made their escape. Dale Elad arrived at the Aiggs' home as they were fleeing, and he freed Nought from the freezer just as the police approached.

Nought attempted to shoot Dick Tracy with an antique Derringer pistol, but it misfired. Tracy returned fire, killing Nought. Elad surrendered.