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Zelda was a high-diver with the Circling Brothers circus. She high light eyes and hair, and a shapely figure.

Zelda became romantically involved with fellow circus performer Tulza Tuzon, aka Haf-and-Haf. The relationship ended when Tuzon left the circus and married Dolly.

Some time later, Tuzon rekindled his romance with Zelda, telling her he was divorced. Tuzon killed Dolly and destroyed the murder weapon, then ran away with Zelda to get married.

Zelda learned that Tuzon had killed his wife and cooperated with Dick Tracy's investigation. Tuzon abducted Zelda and threw her from a light aircraft, but she was rescued by Tracy.

The Return of Haf-and-Haf[]


Years later, Tuzon received an operation that fixed his damaged facial features and he was released from prison. He sought revenge against Zelda and hid a venomous snake in her living quarters. Zelda was bitten but she survived.

Zelda then decided to seek her own revenge against Tuzon. She confronted him at his job at a local zoo and doused his face with caustic drain cleaner, damaging his features again and returning him to his former grotesque appearance. Haf-and-Haf retaliated by throwing Zelda into a lion pit. Once again, she was rescued by Dick Tracy.


Some time later, Tuzon (whose facial features had been further damaged, resulting in a significant breakdown of his mental state) took on the name "Splitface". He escaped from the mental hospital where he was being treated and sought out Zelda once again.

Zelda attended the opening night performance of the stage musical A Chin to Die For at the Patterson Playhouse, starring her godfather Vitamin Flintheart. She was now romantically involved with Jack Magnus, the star of the show. Splitface abducted Zelda and took her to a storage facility where the Circling Brothers' equipment was held. Splitface intended to make Zelda perform a dangerous high dive in near-darkness, threatening to shoot her if she refused. Once again, she was rescued by Dick Tracy.


  • It is not clear what legal consequences Zelda face for assaulting Tulza Tuzon with the drain cleaner. It is possible that she was able to make a case that she was temporarily insane.