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The man called Yeti was a criminal in Dick Tracy's city. He was a large man with an extremely pale complexion. He had long white hair and typically wore dark eyeglasses, even indoors.

Yeti specialized in making poisons, which he then sold to other underworld figures. He operated out of a perfume shop called Elegance Fragrances.

Yeti's associate Rabbit accidentally included a sample of one Yeti's poisons with a legitimate perfume delivery. Yeti killed Rabbit for this mistake. Several victims were exposed to this poison, which prompted Dick Tracy to begin an investigation.

Yeti sent his other associate Daisy to recover the last bottle of mis-delivered poison. Yeti then recruited Daisy into his scheme to steal a valuable meteorite. The robbery was successful, but Daisy fell and injured himself as the two men were leaving the scene of the crime. Yeti was forced to make a hasty escape, and he lost the meteorite in the process.

Yeti returned to his perfume shop but was followed by Dick Tracy and Sam Catchem. Yeti sealed himself in his lab and gathered supplies before attempting to escape through a secret passage that led to a city sewer. As he was leaving, Yeti knocked open a cage in which he kept an unusually large venomous spider. The spider attacked Yeti.

Yeti Returns[]

Yeti survived his encounter with the spider and was later seen living in an underground lair. He was apparently still involved in criminal activity and had two new henchpersons.

Yeti's clients were targeted by Daisy, who was seeking revenge against Yeti. Yeti was confronted in his hideout by Daisy and Rose, Daisy's sister. Daisy and Rose were surprised by the arrival of Yeti's other henchmen Ape and Ferret. Dick Tracy and Sam Catchem then arrived and ordered everybody to drop their weapons and surrender. Yeti shot at the assembled crowd with his poison dart gun, then fled when Rose shot back at him. He was apparently injured by Rose's shots, and his whereabouts are unknown.


  • The storyline in which Yeti was introduced was credited to guest writer Mark Barnard. Mike Curtis was still credited as part of the strip's creative team. Mark Barnard also wrote the second story in which Yeti appeared.
  • Because of his long hair, some readers initially assumed that Yeti was meant to be female. Writer Mark Barnard stated on the Dick Tracy Fan Club Facebook page that Yeti was male.
  • Some readers presumed that Yeti was dead at the conclusion of the first story in which he appeared, and no mention of him was made by the police after the raid on Yeti's fragrance shop. Presumably, Dick Tracy and the MCU considered Yeti to be at-large, but their attention was directed at another case.