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Wrist Wizard

First Appearance:

July 6th, 2011

Created By:

Mike Curtis &
Joe Staton

The Wrist Wizard was an invention of Diet Smith. It was introduced during Dick Tracy's encounter with the previously presumed-deceased B-B Eyes. It replaced the Wrist Geenee.

The Wrist Wizard included many features of Smith's previous devices (two-way video communication, GPS, NCIC link, etc) as well as a new light-projected keyboard. It also responded to eye blinks in circumstances where its user was injured or incapacitated.

Diet Smith issued a Wrist Wizard to Honeymoon Tracy, his goddaughter, which she used during her encounter with B-B Eyes. Shortly after that, Blackjack was able to steal Dick Tracy's Wrist Wizard, which he added to his collection of Tracy memorabilia.

Some time later, the MCU's Wrist Wizards were re-fitted into casings that made them resemble the original 2-Way Wrist Radio. It was also discovered that earlier models had faulty batteries that were at risk of exploding. This became a factor in Tracy's defeat of Mr. Bones, who had taken possession of Blackjack's outdated Wrist Wizard.