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Wrist Geenee

First Appearance:

March 26th, 1997

Created By:

Mike Kilian &
Dick Locher

The Wrist Geenee was an upgrade to the 2-Way Wrist Computer. It was introduced to Dick Tracy by Diet Smith during Tracy's initial encounter with Nutsy.

The Wrist Geenee included several new features, such as RADAR and SONAR capabilities, as well as holographic projection. It could trace phone numbers, and was equipped with heat and motion sensors. The Wrist Geenee also had a GPS link, a laser device, and an X-Ray feature. It included a computer password detector/decoder, which could also accurately sense the combination to a safe's lock.

Shortly after Dick Tracy was presented with the prototype for the Wirst Geenee, it was stolen off his desk by Rocksie. Rocksie used the Geenee's holographic projector to help free Nutsy and his gang from jail. They then used the Geenee to commit several more crimes.


Tracy successfully tracked Nutsy, Rocksie, and the rest of their gang to a store that they were attempting to rob. Rocksie threw the Wrist Geenee at Tracy, forcing him to choose between catching the delicate prototype or capturing her. Tracy opted to catch the Wrist Geenee and Rocksie escaped, though Nutsy and his gang were arrested.

A later version of the Wrist Geenee also featured a taser gun.

Tracy continued to use the Wrist Geenee for several years until it was upgraded to the Wrist Wizard.

Det. Frisk apparently kept her Wrist Geenee after she went missing and was presumed deceased. She used it to contact Dick Tracy after she abducted by Clair Howell. Tracy was initially puzzled to receive a message that was coming from a piece of outdated technology.


  • During the story of the return of Det. Frisk, the Wrist Geenee's name was depicted as "Genii".