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Nicholas Eramthgin ("nightmare" spelt backwards) was born in eastern Europe. He was a tall slender man with pointed features and straight dark hair.

Eramthgin became involved in organized crime and eventually emigrated to North America. He worked in the United States and Canada as a contract killer. He took on the alias "Wraith".

At some point, Wraith consulted Dr. Morpheus about some sleeping problems. Morpheus and Wraith then entered into a partnership wherein Morpheus allowed Wraith access to his dream manipulation device (also known as the Nightmare Machine), which Wraith would use to kill victims in their dreams.

When Morpheus' research facility at Diet Smith Industries was in danger of being shut down, Morpheus arranged for Wraith to kill Dr. Citpeks (the head of the research and development department). Later, Morpheus had Wraith confront Diet Smith in a dream, threatening to torment the industrialist in his dreams indefinitely unless Morpheus' research was allowed to continue.

When Morpheus' association with Wraith was investigated by Dick Tracy, Morpheus sent Wraith into Tracy's dreams. Tracy, who had learned to manipulate his own subconscious mind, survived Wraith's assault and killed him.

Later, a version of Wraith in Morpheus' own subconscious mind killed the doctor.


  • It is not entirely clear what the nature of the version of Wraith that killed Dr. Morpheus was. Morpheus was not connected to the Nightmare Machine at the time of his death, so it is possible that the Wraith in his mind was a manifestation of Morpheus' sense of guilt. However, there have been unexplained supernatural occurrences in the Dick Tracy comic strip, so it is also possible that the Wraith entity in Morpheus' mind was some kind of ghost or astral projection.
  • At the time that the Wraith story appeared in newspapers, the Nightmare on Elm Street film series was a popular horror movie franchise. It also features a killer who attacks people in their dreams, and it may have inspired the Wraith storyline.