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The group known as the Witch Gang were criminals who operated in Dick Tracy's city. The gang consisted of three unnamed men and one unnamed woman who originally worked under the direction of the gang's leader Warlock.

The gang initially operated some kind of criminal scheme that involved the supernatural or the occult. They dressed in witches' robes with pointed hats and masks.

Warlock planned to use the map that was recently discovered tattooed on the head of Gravel Gertie to find a buried treasure. After Warlock explained his plan to the gang, the gang turned on him and killed him.

The gang kidnapped Gertie and transported her in a large box truck while they examined the tattoo on her head. The truck became stuck in a heavy snowfall, and the gang abandoned it, leaving Gertie to freeze to death.

The gang then hijacked a snowplow and attempted to evade pursuing police officers. The plow crashed into an abutment and the gang fled on foot. One of the gang members shot at Officer Groovy Grove, who returned fire and struck the suspect in the arm.

The gang was captured and unmasked. The injured member was treated and survived. Gertie was rescued and also received medical treatment.