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Winifred Gray was an FBI agent that was assigned to protect Oliver Warbucks. She had light eyes and pale orange hair.

Winifred and her husband Harold worked together to prevent Warbucks from being abducted by the criminal Boris Sirob. This assignment coincided with the birth of their (apparently only) child, whom they named Annie. Shortly after Annie was born, Harold and Winifred left on a new mission from which they never returned. Annie was left at an orphanage, where she was eventually adopted by Warbucks.


  • The character Winifred Gray was named after the wife of cartoonist Harold Gray, who created the comic strip Little Orphan Annie and its main characters.
  • When she first appeared in the strip, Winifred Gray was intended to be pregnant and give birth during the case of Oliver Warbucks and Boris Sirob. Due to a miscommunication between the writer and artist, she seemed to have already given birth early in the story.