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Wingy Plenty's unnamed dog was a male of an indeterminate breed.

The Culvert[]

Wingy's dog was used by her criminal father Odds Zonn as part of a trap he set for Dick Tracy. On a snowy night, Zonn took his daughter (who at that time was going by her birth name of Susie Zonn) and the dog and left them alone by the side of a secluded road where he knew Dick Tracy would soon be passing. He had tossed a piece of raw meat into a culvert, which the dog pursued. 

When Tracy arrived and tried to help the abandoned child, she refused to leave without her dog. Tracy crawled into the culvert to coax the dog out, leaving him vulnerable to an assault by Zonn and his men. After trapping Tracy, Zonn took his daughter and the dog back to his home.

Adopted by the Plentys[]

Shortly thereafter, Zonn decided that he needed to leave town, and he planned to abandon his daughter and the dog. During a struggle, Zonn killed his wife, which the dog witnessed. The dog was then left unattended for at least one day when Zonn fled.

When Susie was also discovered to be abandoned, Tracy brought her back to her home to look for clues to her father's whereabouts. The dog was found, and he and Susie were taken in by the Plenty family. It was at this time that Susie was renamed "Wingy". The dog seemed to enjoy its new life, though his ultimate fate in unknown.


  • Wingy's dog was never addressed or referred to by name. It was always called "doggie", or some other nickname. In an early appearance, Zonn called the dog "fellow", leading to the assumption that the dog was male.
  • The dog's breed was never specified, but creator Chester Gould drew him very similarly to HeyYou, who was established to be a Cocker Spaniel.