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Willie Lumpkin

First Appearance:

February 3rd, 2023 (in Dick Tracy)

Created By:

Mike Curtis &
Shelley Pleger
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Willie Lumpkin was an elderly man in Dick Tracy's city. He had white hair, a thick moustache, and wore eyeglasses.

When Dick Tracy was rushing into the Baxter Building to confront the sniper Kryptonite (who had shot at Tracy from the roof), he asked Lumpkin (who was standing near the entrance) if the stairwell had roof access. Lumpkin confirmed that it did.


  • Willie Lumpkin is a supporting character in the long-running superhero comic book Fantastic Four, published by Marvel Comics. In that series, he is an elderly mail carrier in New York City whose route includes the headquarters of the popular superheroes known as The Fantastic Four. He also had a romantic involvement with the widow May Parker, unaware that her nephew Peter was the costumed superhero Spider-Man. His appearance was very similar to the character in Dick Tracy.
  • In Fantastic Four, it was established that Willie is able to wiggle his ears.
  • While not explicitly stated, the Willie Lumpkin seen in Dick Tracy seems to be a handyman/custodian rather than a mail carrier. He apparently works in the Baxter Building (which was also the name of the Fantastic Four's original headquarters) and receives instructions from a man named Goodman (which may be a reference to Atlas Comics publisher Martin Goodman).
  • There is some disagreement about the "official" origin of the character Willie Lumpkin. The Marvel Comics Wiki lists Lumpkin's first appearance as being in the comic book Little Lizzie #1, dated February 1949. Little Lizzie was a humor title published by Atlas Comics, a company that later re-branded as Marvel Comics. It was about a mischievous little girl living in a small town. Lizzie's last name was Lumpkin, and her father's name was alternately given as "Sam" and "Lemuel". "Lemuel" was later established to be Willie Lumpkin's middle name, though the father in Little Lizzie only slightly resembled Willie. The mail character in Lizzie's town was a man named Mr. Kripp, who slightly resembled Willie Lumpkin as well. Some content in Little Lizzie comics was written by Stan Lee, who later co-created the Fantastic Four. The Marvel Comics Wiki lists Willie Lumpkin as having been created by Stan Lee and an artist named David Gantz, though that Wiki does not credit Gantz as having worked on Little Lizzie. The Marvel Comics Wiki also lists Lizzie Lumpkin as Willie's daughter, though it does not reference some other relatives that were identified in Little Lizzie comics.
    • Stan Lee also co-created a humorous newspaper comic strip about a rural mail carrier named Willie Lumpkin. It ran from December 1959 to May 1961, with art by Dan DeCarlo (who later became a prominent artist for Archie Comics). This character's experiences were later ret-conned has having been Marvel Comics' Willie Lumpkin's early work with the postal service.
    • Willie Lumpkin's first official, in-canon appearance in Marvel Comics was in Fantastic Four #11, released November 1962, written by Stan Lee and penciled by Jack Kirby. This would have been during the time of Dick Tracy's first encounter with The 52 Gang.
  • In the 2005 Fantastic Four feature film, Willie Lumpkin was played by Stan Lee.