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Wildwood Cemetery is a cemetery in or near Dick Tracy's city. Spacious and green, it the resting place of several people from Tracy's life.

In 2012, the mysterious new "Moon Maid" visited Wildwood under cover of darkness with her 2 associates Retik and Stellaluna. She vandalized Mysta's gravestone with a sledge hammer and yelled at the custodian to tell the world that she is "not dead" as she made her escape.

Known to be Buried in Wildwood Cemetery[]


  • Wildwood Cemetery is the name of the cemetery in Will Eisner's comic series "The Spirit". It is the base of operations for Denny Colt, also known as the vigilante The Spirit. In that strip, Wildwood Cemetery is located in Central City (originally New York City).
  • It is possible that other deceased members of the Tracy extended family may be buried in Wildwood Cemetery (such as Emil Trueheart, Mary Steele, and Groovy Grove) but this has not been officially established.