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Wildbreath was the illegitimate son of the criminal Mumbles and a dancer named Hoot Shekootch. Wildbreath was a law-abiding citizen with a successful career as a disc jockey. He had a habit of peppering his speech with slang, rendering it incomprehensible to many.

The Feets Diamond Caper[]

Wildbreath was targeted by the criminal Feets Diamond, who believed that Mumbles had told Wildbreath the location of the stolen jewel The Star of Ranjipooie. Feets abducted Wildbreath from his radio station while Wildbreath was on the air. One of Wildbreath's fans was Joe Tracy, who was going through a rebellious period at the time and preferred to be called "Cool Dude". Joe informed Dick Tracy of what he had heard over the radio.

When Feets was unable to get any information out of Wildbreath, he let him go. Wildbreath made a statement to the police, which Joe then had to interpret. Wildbreath revealed that he was Mumbles' son, which raised the question of whether Mumbles had any other illegitimate children he may try to contact.


  • The storyline involving Wildbreath is extremely difficult to reconcile with established continuity and has been disregarded by the subsequent creative team.