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"Whip" Chute was a slender man with light hair, slanted eyes, and prominent lips.

At some point in the past, Whip had crushed his right foot and ankle in a parachute jump. This required the lower part of his right leg to be amputated. He wore a prosthesis to walk.

As a student pilot, Whip had been married to a young stewardess named Mitzi. Mitzi discovered Whip's criminal tendencies and she divorced him. Years later, Whip approached Mitzi and attempted to recruit her into a new criminal scheme, but she refused.

Posing as Bovanian[]

Chute and his partner Frankie Rellik (as well as some other accomplices) arranged for the capture of Jerg and Nestor, two Bovanian princes. Whip and Rellik then disguised themselves as the princes and took their place. This allowed them to move among high society and easily loot wealthy estates.

When Dick Tracy uncovered their deception, Whip tried to escape. He fell to his death while trying to climb up the side of a building.


  • While Whip was not shown directly interacting with the other members of the gang who were responsible for guarding the captive princes, it is reasonable to assume that they were all associates.