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Wetwash Wally (last name unrevealed) was a truck driver for the Finer Laundry Co. He had short dark hair and bulging eyes.

Encountering Breathless Mahoney[]

Breathless Mahoney hid in Wally's truck while fleeing the home of Mrs. Van Hoosen, which was part of Wally's regular route. After he discovered Breathless hiding in his truck with her stolen money, Wally tried to extort half of it from her. Twenty-five miles outside of Dick Tracy's city (near the fictional town of Tinyville, Ohio), Wally stopped his truck with Breathless trapped inside, stating his intention to keep her there until she agreed to his demands.

Breathless responded to this extortion by tearing up all the shirts in the laundry truck until Wally agreed to settle for $5,000. As he was counting it, Breathless knocked him unconscious and drove away, leaving Wally on the side of the road. Wally was later found and revived by Pat Patton.


  • A later Rogues' Gallery entry indicated that Wetwash Wally ultimately testified against Breathless.