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The man known as Warlock was the leader of the Witch Gang. He had prominent cheekbones, and light hair that he wore in a crew cut.

Warlock was the grandson of the woman who operated the orphanage in which Gravel Gertie was raised. The woman had told Warlock about a treasure map that she had had tattooed onto the head of a nine-year-old girl. When Warlock saw news reports about the map found on the head of (the now-adult) Gravel Gertie, he realized that it must be the same map.

Warlock gathered his criminal associates who were known as the Witch Gang. They had previously operated some kind of scheme that involved them dressing as witches. Warlock told them about his plan to abduct Gertie and use the map to recover the treasure.

Upon hearing Warlock's plan, the Witch Gang turned on him, shooting him to death. They then proceeded to kidnap Gertie without Warlock's involvement. Warlock's body was later found and an investigation was begun.