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The man called Wally was a member of Piggy Butcher's gang. He was a burly man with very short hair who typically wore a wide-brimmed hat and smoked cigars.

After Piggy and his men discovered that George Chin Chillar and his wife Notta were in possession of a 2-Way Wrist TV that they had been using to spy for the police, Piggy threatened to kill the couple. Piggy ordered Wally to show the Chin Chillars the remaining lots in the cemetery.


  • The cigar-smoking man who held Notta during her shave looked and dressed identically to the man later identified as Wally.
  • Twenty-three members of Piggy's gang (the bulk of it) were killed when their hideout was blown up in order to prevent the police from obtaining evidence. While it was not specifically stated that Wally was among the dead, it is reasonable to presume that he was.