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Wallace I. Pike was a real estate magnate in Dick Tracy's city. He had light hair and a bushy moustache. He seemed to have the condition known as exotropia, which caused his eyes to focus in different directions.

While he maintained a public image as an upstanding member of the community, Pike engaged in several acts of arson and insurance fraud. He worked with Smalley T. Smelt, whom he later killed. Dick Tracy discovered evidence of Pike's wrongdoings, and Pike was arrested after a short struggle involving two hired killers who were hiding behind a secret panel in his office.

Tracy was left chained up in the secret room, but the criminals had left Pike's key ring in the lock, which Tracy was able to use to free himself. Pike's car keys were attatched to the ring, prompting the criminals to return for them. Tracy was waiting for them and was able to subdue the group.


  • The name "Wallace I. Pike" would seem to be a play on "walleye pike", a type of fish. Smelt is also the name of a type of fish.