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Virgo was a female member of Scorpio's gang. She was a shapely young woman who typically wore a shirt and tie, a form-fitting jacket, belt, briefs, and high-heeled shoes. She also smoked cigarettes.

Virgo had short black hair and usually wore a black mask over her face with a Virgo Zodiac symbol emblazoned on it. She also had a Virgo symbol printed on the back of her briefs.

Working for Scorpio[]

Virgo back

Virgo participated in a bank robbery with Gemini and Pisces, two other members of Scorpio's gang. She served as the lookout as Gemini and Pisces entered the bank with shotguns. The robbery was a success and yielded a lot of money for Scorpio and his crew.

Scorpio had kidnapped an Astrologer and placed him in leg irons, forcing him to be the astrologer for his gang. When the Astrologer grabbed a shotgun and attempted to escape, Virgo kicked a heavy telescope that swung around and knocked him unconscious. Scorpio and some of his men then tossed the Astrologer out a window on the 20th floor, intending to kill him. Moments later, Dick Tracy and his men invaded Scorpio's apartment (which had been under surveillance). Taurus was killed by police, and Scorpio, Virgo, and the rest of the gang were arrested.


  • Virgo is the sixth sign of the zodiac, running between August 23 and September 22.
  • The name Virgo is Latin for "Virgin" or "Maiden."
  • Like the rest of Scorpio's gang, Virgo's name was never revealed.
  • Virgo was never shown speaking, but she may have been the off-panel person who shouted "OH, NO!" when Scorpio announced his intention to throw the Astrologer to his death (10-25-1969).