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Virgil Ohso was a criminal and terrorist in Dick Tracy's city. He was a heavyset bald man who typically wore sunglasses. He had prominent lips.

Virgil Ohso bought the Stradivarius violin that Kid Vicious had stolen from his father Phil Harmonic. Ohso then had his accomplice Chris Chendo plant a powerful explosive in the violin, which would detonate when a particular note was played.

Ohso then arranged for the violin to planted at his target, a foreign embassy in the city. Believing that his plan had worked and the embassy had been blown up, Ohso went to the scene in order to observe the aftermath. There, he was recognized by Kid Vicious (who had been performing at the party) as the man to whom he had sold the violin.

Osho shot and killed Kid Vicious. His gun was then shot out of his hand by Dick Tracy, who had been in attendance at the embassy party. Ohso and his accomplice Low Note were arrested. It is not known what became of his other associates.


  • The name "Virgil Ohso" would seem to be a play on the term "virtuoso", which refers to a person who displays outstanding technical ability in a particular fine art. The term was originally exclusive to musicians, but now been extended to a wide variety of fields, creative and otherwise.
  • At the time that Kid Vicious sold the violin to Ohso, he had no reason to believe that Ohso had any sinister intentions. They also had no other interaction beyond the sale. Therefore, Kid Vicious would not qualify as one of Ohso's associates.
  • Ambiguity in the artwork makes the exact date of Ohso's first appearance questionable. The bald figure who buys the violin from Kid Vicious is wearing sunglasses and is addressed by an associate as "Boss", but that character looks somewhat different than Ohso was depicted later. Still, it is reasonable to assume that this was Ohso.