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The Vine Lady was an associate of both criminal figures who used the alias Mr. Crime. She was an older woman with light hair and no teeth.

The Vine Lady claimed to have spent twenty years living in destitution in the Amazon jungle with her husband. She and her husband came to America with three Muerte Vines, and entered the employ of the first Mr. Crime. Mr. Crime used the vines to dispose of his enemies, and the Vine Lady and her husband were complicit in this scheme.

The Vine Lady's husband began to object to Mr. Crime's treatment of them, and he soon disappeared. The Vine Lady continued to work for Mr. Crime, operating out of a secluded shack where she raised mushrooms.

Encountering Dick Tracy[]

Dick Tracy began to investigate Mr. Crime's activities. Tracy discovered that Mr. Crime made frequent trips to the Vine Lady's shack to buy mushrooms, which he and Sam Catchem found to be suspicious. The two detectives went to the shack to investigate, and they soon discovered the vines. The Vine Lady attempted to kill Tracy with poison gas, and two of her associates knocked Sam unconscious.

While the henchmen went to dispose of Sam, Tracy was able to surprise the Vine Lady and subdue her. The human remains that he had discovered in one of the vines were examined and found to be those of the long-missing jurist Judge Lava. The Vine Lady was arrested, the vines were taken to a nearby botanical garden, and Mr. Crime was later killed in a shootout with police.

The Second Mr. Crime[]

Some time later, the Vine Lady was recruited by Davey Mylar into his criminal organization. Mylar had taken over Mr. Crime's headquarters and had adopted his alias. He gathered his own considerable gang of criminal agents, including Mr. Crime's former associate Panda.

Mylar secured a Muerte Vine and the Vine Lady tended to it much as she had for the original Mr. Crime. When the police dismantled Mylar's organization, the Vine Lady was arrested with the rest of the gang's surviving members.


  • The Vine Lady was consistently depicted only from behind. On the one occasion was readers saw her from the front, she had no facial features (indicating that they were very small and hidden under her hair).
  • The Vine Lady's husband was said to have disappeared. It was not explicitly stated that he was deceased, but it was strongly implied.
  • Despite her age, the Vine Lady was depicted as spry and vigorous. She showed no hesitation about grappling with Dick Tracy.