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Vampire Car

First Appearance:

July 16th, 2018

Also Known As:

Vampire Mechanique

Created By:

Mike Curtis &
Joe Staton

Rikki Mortis' Vampire Car was a large, custom built vehicle that she used to commit contract killings. It had a powerful hydraulic clamp/crusher mounted on the front, oversized wheels on the back (presumably for balance), and five high-wattage lights mounted on the roof above the driver's compartment. It was painted dark blue (which made it difficult to see at night) and was bulletproof.

The Vampire Car had computerized elements, including a communications device that was connected to the internet. This allowed Mr. Bribery (who disapproved of Rikki Mortis' ostentatious method of murder) to download the artificial intelligence known as Matty Squared into the Vampire Car. Matty Squared then took control of the Vampire Car and destroyed it, ruining Rikki's attempt to murder Police Chief Pat Patton.


  • "Vampire car" is a colloquial term sometimes used by law enforcement and journalists to refer to an unidentified vehicle used in a hit-and-run killing (intentional or otherwise).