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Uno Hardly was the field leader of The Slot Machine Ring, which he operated with the aid of his brothers under the supervision of their father Charley. He had short, light hair. Uno typically smoked a pipe and was often referred to as "Number 1".

The Slot Machine Ring arranged for the purchases of Headache's slot machine factory, using Popsie's Mother as an intermediary. Popsie, her mother and Headache soon became disillusioned with the various deceptions and double-crosses they had experienced during their association with the Slot Machine Ring.

Uno and his brothers abducted Popsie's Mother when she attempted to leave the syndicate and eventually killed her. They later did the same to Headache.

The Slot Machine Ring's hideout was discovered by the police and a shootout ensued. Uno's three brothers were all shot by police, and Uno was seriously wounded. He managed to make his way to the nearby store owned by his uncle E. Kent Hardly, but he collapsed from his wounds.

Uno was taken to a hospital where he died after revealing the fates of Popsie's Mother and Headache.


  • Uno was not actually shown getting shot in the strip, but his death was confirmed.
  • Uno and the other Hardly boys looked alike but it was not revealed if they were identical quadruplets or if some of them were twins.
  • While the Hardly brothers closely resembled each other physically, Uno could usually be identified by his diamond-patterned coat.