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Punky Dew was the brother of "Spike" Dew and the uncle of Thistle Dew. He had light hair and light eyes.

It was implied that Punky and Spike were members of a larger criminal organization.

The Revenge Plot[]

Punky and his niece sought revenge against Junior Tracy, who had produced a sketch of "Spike" Dew that enabled Spike to be identified, convicted, and executed. They recruited Mrs. Peek to surreptitiously photograph Junior so that Thistle could accurately identify him.

Thistle arranged to "accidentally" meet and charm Junior. When the couple went on a date, Thistle arranged for Punky to sneak up on Junior and knock him unconscious. Punky then decided to take Junior to their apartment and torture him until he named the eyewitness who had testified against Spike.

While Punky went to get supplies to use against Junior, Junior revived and managed to subdue Thistle. He called the police and was free. Punky fled just before the police arrived.

Hiding Out[]

Punky returned to the home of Mrs. Peek and took up residence there, despite her objections. He also gained the affection of Mrs. Peek's dog Fluffy, which also annoyed her.

When Punky took Fluffy for a walk on a wintry day, the dog ran out onto the ice of a partially frozen lagoon. Punky followed and fell through the ice. Peek, who had followed Punky, saw the opportunity to rid herself of him and attempted to drown him by holding him underwater with a long tree branch. Punky grabbed the branch and pulled Peek into the water. Mrs. Peek drowned, but Punky survived and fled the scene.

Hiding Out Again[]


Punky made his way to the city zoo, where he was able to sneak into the employee accommodations. He showered and dried his clothes, then went to meet his contact. By this time, Thistle had been released on bail and had come to the zoo to meet Punky, as per their pre-planned arrangements.

Punky and Thistle sought out the trained raven called "Stoolie" in the zoo's aviary. Stoolie was trained to speak, and was used to convey messages between Punky and Jimmy-the-Juice, another criminal figure. Through several interactions with Stoolie, Punky and Thistle secured a safe (but expensive) hideout, and some money from Jimmy that they would have to re-pay at a high interest rate.

Punky became increasingly desperate. He saw in the newspapers that Stoolie's ability to speak had been discovered by police. He contacted Jimmy-the-Juice directly, and they agreed that Jimmy would kill Stoolie to prevent the bird from revealing any gangland secrets. Punky saw this as an opportunity to do away with Jimmy-the-Juice, thus eliminating his debt. Punky and Thistle went to the aviary to kill Jimmy. The criminals were confronted by police and a conflagration ensued. Punky killed Jimmy and was then shot and killed by Sam Catchem.