Ugly Christine

Ugly Crystal - 06/07/2018

Crystal Bribery, also known as "Ugly Crystal", was Ugly Christine's daughter. Like her mother, she wore her hair in a style that covered her forehead and eyes. Her hair was often aquamarine, presumably dyed.

Crystal never knew her father. She lived at a European boarding school until her late adolescence, when she brought to America by Mr. Bribery.

While shopping at a mall for Christmas presents, she met Honeymoon Tracy and struck up the beginnings of a friendship. Honeymoon saved Crystal from some muggers. Crystal claimed to know krav maga, but didn't demonstrate it. Honeymoon and Crystal met again in the mall, where Honeymoon reacted to headache pain from her horns, while her Lunarian grandfather was nearby. Crystal confessed to Honeymoon that her uncle gave her the moniker "Ugly" and she didn't like it. Honeymoon assured her that she wasn't ugly.

When Mr. Bribery's hideout was surrounded by police, Crystal tried to warn him, but discovered him torturing Honeymoon's grandfather. Crystal fled into the forest, where she fell into a treewell. Honeymoon felt her distress and found her, using her powers to keep Crystal warm until help arrived.

Crystal was placed in a shelter until a decision could be made for her future placement, either a foster home or an orphanage. She and Honeymoon continue to spend time together. Dick Tracy made an effort to discover who Crystal's father was, and he was led to believe that it was the occasional police informant Lafayette Austin. A DNA test later proved this to be true, and Crystal and Lafayette learned that they were father and daughter.

Crystal and Lafayette took up residence in a house in the suburbs. Unbeknownst to them, the criminal Shaky II had scouted the house when it was abandoned and had made plans to use it as a hideout. The injured Shaky and his associate Edison Lighthouse arrived at the house after a shoot-out with Dick Tracy. They encountered Crystal, who welcomed them into her home and treated them as guests, though she disapproved of Shaky's smoking habit.

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