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Ugly Christine was the sister of Mr. Bribery. She had long dark hair that she wore brushed down over her eyes, which were set uncommonly wide on her face, a large mouth and a flat upturned nose. Despite her name and odd facial features, she had an attractive figure and sometimes worked as a model.

Criminal Activities[]

Ugly Christine often branded members of Bribery's gang, as she was also branded herself. She joined her brother on several of his criminal endeavors, including the attempted kidnapping of the infant Honeymoon Tracy, and the theft of a Space Coupe.


When Dick Tracy discovered Mr. Bribery's office and the evidence of his various criminal activities, Ugly Christine was the first member of the gang taken into custody. Despite the efforts of Lizz and Tracy, Ugly Christine committed suicide by throwing herself from a magnetic Air Car and was burned to death in a fiery chimney (September 26th, 1966). The melted remnants of her handcuffs were all that was recovered of her.

Ugly Christine's Legacy[]

Some time after her death, it was revealed that Ugly Christine had had a daughter. This daughter went by the nickname Ugly Crystal and wore her hair over her eyes like her mother had. Crystal's father was Lafayette Austin, but there was no indication that Austin and Ugly Christine had ever been married.

Appearances in Other Media[]

IDW Comics[]


Dick Tracy: Dead or Alive[]

Ugly Christine was one of several villains shown being taken into custody in issue #2 of the comic book miniseries Dick Tracy: Dead or Alive published by IDW.


  • It was assumed that Ugly Christine's real name was Christine Packet, since she did not appear to have been married and her brother's name was Joie Packet. However, a 2015 storyline indicated that "Joie Packet" was not actually Mr. Bribery's real name (but was instead the name of his body double), thus making Ugly Christine's real name unconfirmed.