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Twist (full name unrevealed) was a cook at Jack's Grill. He had dark, wavy hair and a moustache.

A Deadly Acquaintance[]

The fugitive Sleet took a job as a dishwasher at Jack's Grill, and Twist found her attractive. When Sleet tried to get an advance on her pay, Twist loaned her money in an attempt to earn her favor.

Over the course of several days, Twist loaned Sleet more money, and began to discover clues to her identity. While he was emptying a trash can, he found the Women's Prison patch that Sleet had cut off her clothes. Later, some fresh produce arrived wrapped in a newspaper with an article about the police search for Sleet. Twist recognized her photo and approached Sleet.

Twist intended to blackmail Sleet, as he now knew that she was the widow of a wealthy racketeer. Sleet lured twist to the upper level of an elevated train station, and pushed him over the railing. Twist fell to his death and Sleet fled.



  • When the Sleet storyline was reprinted by Harvey Comics, the text was edited to say that Twist was only knocked unconscious when Sleet pushed him from the train platform, not killed.