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Tufor Dee was a narcotics agent in Dick Tracy's state. He had light hair and dark eyes.

Dee posed as a skydiving instructor to investigate the group of drug smugglers who were referred to as The Dope Fiends. In this capacity, Dee befriended Sparkle Plenty and Vera Alldid, who had taken up skydiving.

Dee's identity was discovered by the Drug Fiends and they sabotaged his parachute. It failed to open and he fell to his death. He landed on the automobile owned by police officer Groovy Grove, who was driving Lizz and his daughter Tinky home from dining out at the time.

Dee's undercover assignment was later confirmed by his superior Hank Jamezon, who spoke highly of Dee.


  • The name "Tufor Dee" would seem to be a play on the number "two-forty". The significance of this is unclear.