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"Trusty" Hubbub was a major figure in the criminal underworld who was imprisoned for tax evasion during Mayor Voten's term.

Sometime after his release, Trusty worked with Voten's employee Hide Johnson to train a pair of panthers to steal briefcases or purses containing high-value items or large amounts of cash. When Dick Tracy discovered Hide's involvement in the thefts, Hide took the panthers and went into hiding at Trusty's home.

The large cats damaged much of Trusty's furniture and wore on his nerves. Trusty and Hide identified a high-value target and planned to use the panthers to steal money from the local Gambling Syndicate (which had no established connection to the Apparatus). Trusty and Hide's activities were discovered, and Dick Tracy and the police arrived on the scene of the robbery. Hide Johnson shot at the police was killed. Trusty fled with the stolen money and Hide's panthers.

Trusty tried to retrieve the stolen money which one of the panthers held tightly in its mouth, but the panthers mauled him to death.