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Trinka was an agent of a hostile foreign power in the years before the United States' involvement in World War II. She belonged to the spy ring operated by Eric Von Rhino.

In 1937, Von Rhino and Trinka targeted the U.S. aviator Lita Flite, who was preparing to return to the United States with information about enemy activities that would be useful to the state department. Trinka was able to shoot down Flite's airplane, and she prepared to take Flite's place.

Trinka lost control of her aircraft and it crashed in Alaska. She froze to death. Her frozen body was discovered in 1964 and was brought to Dick Tracy's city, where she was briefly assumed to be Lita Flite. Von Rhino (who was still alive and impersonating a doctor who claimed to have a method of reviving people who had been frozen) attempted to recover Trinka's body before her identity could be discovered. He stole the chunk of ice in which she was frozen, but he crashed his getaway car and was killed.

Trinka's body was eventually recovered by Dick Tracy and the police.