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The Tracy Agency was a private detective firm started by Dick Tracy after he left the police force in late 1982. Tracy was determined to find who had shot Pat Patton, and was "hired" by Toby Patton. Tracy was able to call in some favors to get his Private Investigator's license quickly, and he rented an office. Diet Smith provided Tracy with a 2-Way Wrist TV (which was otherwise not available to non-law enforcement personnel), and Tracy later brought on Johnny Adonis as a partner.

Tracy and Adonis found Patton's assailant and they went on to work some other cases. Dick Tracy eventually returned to the police force, but Johnny did not.

It was later revealed that Tess Tracy had taken up her husband's role in the agency, using her skill as a photographer and the knowledge of criminology and self-defense that she had learned from Dick. The Tracy Agency was hired to work the insurance case of Vincent Vinyl, and later joined forces with the Major Crimes Unit to raid the Panda Talent Agency and bring down the second Mr. Crime's operation.

Some time later, Tess was approached at the Tracy Agency by Shaky II, who claimed to be in possession of evidence that would discredit the agency's work in a recent case.

Known Members:[]

  • Dick Tracy (former)
  • Johnny Adonis
  • Tess Tracy