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Toyee was a criminal associate of Mimi. He was a slender Chinese man with short dark hair.

A Deadly Associate[]

The fugitive Mimi sought refuge on Toyee's yacht "The Red Poppy" after a failed attempt to lure Lips Manlis back to his life of crime. Toyee became annoyed when he discovered that Mimi had been tracked to his location by Dick Tracy and Pat Patton. Tracy and Patton boarded the yacht before Mimi could escape, so Toyee had his men attack the two police officers.

Toyee had his yacht taken out into open water, where Tracy and Patton were thrown overboard with their arms and legs bound. Toyee and Mimi then returned to Toyee's waterfront hideout.

A Fishy Story[]

Tracy and Patton were rescued and Tracy learned of Toyee's whereabouts. Tracy arrived to search Toyee's hideout, but Toyee hid himself in the hollowed out skin of a large fish. Toyee then arranged to have the fish transported to his yacht so that he could escape.

Tracy observed the large fish being loaded into a small boat in the harbor and became suspicious. He followed in a police boat, and prepared to search The Red Poppy as the fish (with Toyee inside) was being loaded. Toyee's men panicked and shot at the police boat. Tracy returned fire.

In the commotion, Toyee's henchmen that were freeing him from inside the fish carcass lost their grip, and Toyee fell into the water. Realizing that he could not escape, Toyee killed himself with a poison pill that he kept hidden in a ring on his finger.

Some of Toyee's men continued to aid Mimi until her death.


  • It was stated that Toyee's criminal endeavors included dope smuggling and human trafficking. While not explicitly stated, it is possible that he belonged to the same criminal sydicate operated by Lee Ting as shown during the story of Stud Bronzen.