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The woman called Toots was the girlfriend of Brain. She had long blonde hair and dark eyes.

When the Brain planned a party to welcome his former cellmate Dee Lord (who was being released from prison), Toots helped with the arrangements. At the party, Brain began to choke on a chicken bone, and Toots and the rest of the gang tried to rush him to a doctor in her car. Toots drove through a red light and struck a cement truck. The force of the collision dislodged the chicken bone from Brain's throat, and the gang fled.

Brain and his gang took up residence in Toots' home. She became distraught, believing that her abandoned car would lead the police to her. Officer Groovy Grove arrived to serve an arrest warrant for Toots, but Brain struck him from behind and knocked Grove unconscious. Brain then fled, leaving Toots with Groovy.

Dick Tracy and Lizz arrived at Toots' home shortly thereafter. She briefly attempted to claim that Grove had tried to molest her and had tripped and fallen, but the police did not believe her story. She eventually agreed to provide information on Brain and his whereabouts. Brain and his gang were later killed while trying to escape capture.


  • There is no apparent connection between Toots and Toots, a member of Blowtop's gang.