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Tony was a fruit vendor in Dick Tracy's city. He had dark hair and a moustache, and wore hoop earrings in both ears.

Tony sold fruit off of a 2-wheeled pushcart. He was paid by Larceny Lu to help transport the seriously wounded Steve the Tramp from her apartment to a nearby hideout. Tony agreed, but later saw police detectives investigating the area where his cart had left tracks. Worried, he sought out Lu and told her what he had seen. She gave him money to buy a new cart (with a different wheel size and configuration) and destroy the old one.

Tony was observed by Dick Tracy, who found the vendor's new cart to be suspicious. Tracy confronted Tony before Tony could destroy his old cart, and Tony agreed to tell Tracy everything about his encounter with Larceny Lu.

Tony directed Tracy to the building where he had left Lu and Steve. Tracy arranged to hold Tony at the police station, possibly charging him as an accessory to Steve's escape.


  • Tony's speech was depicted as accented. It is possible that he was meant to be Italian.