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The second singer called Tonsils was a man named Matt McCullar.

At some point, Vitamin Flintheart discovered Matt McCullar and realized that he bore a strong resemblance to the original Tonsils. McCullar trained himself to mimic Tonsils completely in voice, appearance, and performance style. Flintheart then prepared to market this new Tonsils as a novelty act.

Part of Flintheart's promotional campaign involved booking the new Tonsils on Dot View's television show. Dot had had a complicated relationship with the original Tonsils, and she was resistant to the idea of having an impersonator on her show. The performance took place despite her hesitation, and the new Tonsils proved to be a popular act. Dot found herself charmed by him and they saw each other socially.

Seemingly unbeknownst to both Flintheart and Dot View, Matt McCullar had previously been involved in the illicit narcotics trade. This brought him into conflict with Coffyhead when Tonsils wanted to leave the drug trade and pursue a legitimate career as an entertainer.

Tonsils and Dot were briefly abducted by Coffyhead, but were soon freed. Dick Tracy and the police began to investigate Coffyhead's drug smuggling operation, and Tonsils became a regular performer on Dot View's show.


  • It is not clear how much Matt McCullar's resemblance to the original Tonsils is natural and how much of it is artificial (that is, if he had Tonsils had the same hair color, if McCullar's bulging eye is an affectation or genuine, etc).