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Tip was a large St. Bernard dog that was owned by the diminutive criminal Jerome Trohs and his large wife called "Mamma". Trohs sometimes used Tip as a mode of transportation, making a getaway faster than he could on foot.

Loyal Dog[]

Dick Tracy first encountered Tip when Tip and Trohs arrived to visit the recently arrested Junky Doolb in the city jail. Trohs had hidden a pistol in Tip's mouth, which Doolb was able to retrieve. Doolb attempted to use the gun to escape, only to find that Trohs had left it intentionally unloaded. Trohs escaped on Tip's back during the ensuing melee.


A few days later, Mamma had taken Tip for some exercise and they stopped in a candy store. There, they encounted Junior Tracy and his dog Oscar. The two dogs growled at each other, and a short dog fight began. Junior cried out for Mamma to restrain Tip, but Mamma enjoyed seeing the smaller dog suffer and encouraged Tip further. Eventually the two dogs were separated and Mamma left with Tip.

Later, acting on information from Junior, the police tracked down Tip and Mamma to Trohs' home. Trohs was out committing his latest crime and returned home to find the police waiting for him. He used Tip to create a distraction while he made his getaway. Tip ran off in to the city.

Tip's ultimate fate is unknown.