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The Spirit is the alias used by former police officer-turned-vigilante Denny Colt. The Spirit had black hair, and typically wore a domino-style mask over his eyes. His wardrobe primarily consisted of a blue overcoat and fedora, a white shirt, a red necktie, and gloves.

Police officer Denny Colt was killed in the line of duty and revived under mysterious circumstances. He then took on the identity of The Spirit. His death and revival gave him superhuman durability and resistance to injury and fatigue. He began to fight crime using methods that his former colleagues in the police department could not.

Meeting Dick Tracy[]

The Spirit and some of his allies came to Dick Tracy's city to investigate the so-called "immortality formula" being auctioned by the mysterious Perenelle Flammel. They then helped Tracy thwart several criminal schemes surrounding the auction.


  • The Spirit is a popular character from several forms of media including comic strips, comic books, film, and television.
  • The Spirit was created by writer/artist Will Eisner. The publishing industry has since created an award named after Eisner that is presented in recognition of outstanding achievement in the field of comics. In Dick Tracy, the location The Hotel Eisner was named after him.
  • Unlike many other characters from other comic strips or media that have appeared in Dick Tracy, Tracy does not seem to have met the Spirit at any time prior to their meeting depicted in the strip.
  • One of the Spirit's defining traits is his popularity among women. He enjoyed a flirtation with Mysta during his visit to the city.
  • In his own adventures, the Spirit had been to the Moon. He mentioned this to Mysta, but clarified that he had only been to the other side of the Moon from Moon Valley, so he had had no interaction with the Lunarians.