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The Retouchables were secondary protagonists in the The Dick Tracy Show cartoon series from 1961. They were a group of five uniformed police officers who operated under the command of Hemlock Holmes (who received instructions from Dick Tracy).

The Retouchables were dedicated and enthusiastic, but frequently clumsy and incompetent. They could often be seen playing cards while waiting for an assignment.


  • The name "The Retouchables" is a play on "The Untouchables", which was the name applied to a group of law enforcement officers who operated under Elliot Ness to dismantle organized crime. The Untouchables became a popular TV series (inspired by Ness' exploits) that began in 1959. It was adapted into a feature film in 1987.
  • "Retouchable" apparently refers to the process of "retouching" photos to remove blemishes or other imperfections. The joke seems to be that the squad could stand to be "retouched" to remove their flaws.
  • The Retouchables were apparently inspired by The Keystone Kops, a large group of bumbling police officers who were the subject of a series of comedy films during the silent movie era.
  • The Retouchables are original characters created by UPA for The Dick Tracy Show. Like the other UPA characters, they are not owned by Tribune Media and are not available to be incorporated into the strip's continuity.
  • They are known as Los Retocables in the Spanish dub and as the Boquechattables (ボケチャッタブルズ) in the Japanese dub.