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The woman called "The Doll" was a criminal in Dick Tracy's city. Her real name was Gigi Spick. She was an attractive woman with long blonde hair and a shapely figure.

In 1967, The Doll had been known to the police as part of a robbery group that also included Cig. By 1970, she was no longer in jail and she and Cig had joined the organization of the criminal called Diamonds. She apparently had a romantic attachment to Diamonds as well. The Doll aided Diamonds in his efforts to extort (and later kill) the new police officer Groovy Grove.

The Doll tricked Groovy into allowing himself to photographed in a way that made it appear as though he was behaving inappropriately while on duty. This scheme was uncovered, and The Doll's picture was circulated in newspapers, identifying her as wanted by the police. She was recognized and taken into custody, but was quickly released on bail.

The Doll then participated in Diamonds' plan to abduct Grove's blind daughter Tinky. After Diamonds poisoned Tinky's dog Stony, The Doll took Tinky (who mistook her for her friend Sparkle Plenty) by the arm and led her to Diamonds' home. As a result, the criminals were able to capture Tinky without a commotion.

The Doll attempted to flee when police converged on Diamonds' apartment, but she was captured along with Cig. Diamonds was killed in a shootout with Groovy Grove.


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    When The Doll was part of a robbery gang in 1967, police records indicated that she was 28 years old, was 5' 5" tall, and weighed 103 pounds. This would make her approximately 31 years old at the time of her encounter with Groovy Grove.
  • There is no established connection between The Doll and Janice "Doll" Trohs.