The Complete Dick Tracy Vol. 4
Author Chester Gould
Publication date April, 2008
Published by IDW
ISBN 97816001003901
Publication Order
Preceded by
The Complete Dick Tracy Vol. 3
Followed by
The Complete Dick Tracy Vol. 5
The Complete Dick Tracy Volume 4 contains the strips written and drawn by Chester Gould originally published in newspapers between the dates July 13th, 1936 and January 20th, 1938.

It includes the following storylines:

The book also includes original supplemental material by Max Allan Collins and Michael H. Price about Dick Tracy's initial forays in films.


  • The book includes a disclaimer acknowledging the presence of racial caricatures in the strips and states that they are "reprinted without alteration for historical reference".
  • Volume4
    Promotional artwork for the book features an image of Pat Patton on the cover. Many copies of the book that are currently in circulation instead feature an image of 2 members of the Purple Cross Gang. It is unknown how many copies with the Pat Patton artwork exist, if any.