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The Complete Dick Tracy Vol. 25
Author Chester Gould
Publication date January, 2019
Published by IDW
ISBN 9781684053674
Publication Order
Preceded by
The Complete Dick Tracy Vol. 24
Followed by
The Complete Dick Tracy Vol. 26

The Complete Dick Tracy Volume 25 contains the strips written and drawn by Chester Gould originally published in newspapers between the dates April 3rd, 1969 and December 23rd, 1970.

It includes the following storylines:

This volume also features supplemental material including the essays "Fate is Strange" by Max Allan Collins and "Bushed and Ugly" by Jeff Kersten.

This volume includes the twelfth (eleventh) entry in the Dick Tracy Family Album & Mug Shot Files series.


  • The Family Album & Mug Shot Files feature depicts 88 Keyes' entire name in quotation marks, indicating that the preparers of the feature seem to believe that it was an alias. While "88" was presumably a nickname or stage name, there was never any indication in the strip that "Keyes" was not the man's actual last name. In that storyline, his Musician's Union card was shown to have the name "Eighty Eight Keyes" on it.