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The Complete Dick Tracy Vol. 21
Author Chester Gould
Publication date January, 2017
Published by IDW
ISBN 9781631407949
Publication Order
Preceded by
The Complete Dick Tracy Vol. 20
Followed by
The Complete Dick Tracy Vol. 22

The Complete Dick Tracy Volume 21 contains the strips written and drawn by Chester Gould originally published in newspapers between the dates August 27th, 1962 and April 12th, 1964.

It includes the following storylines:

This volume features supplemental material including the essay "'Tracy, are you crazy?' 'Yeah - a little bit.'" by Max Allan Collins and "Pulling the Whiskers Off" by Jeff Kersten.

This volume also includes the eighth (seventh) entry in the Dick Tracy Family Album & Mug Shot Files series, as well as several pieces of promotional artwork and public service bulletins prepared by Chester Gould and the strip's creative team.


  • Some editions of this volume have a printing error on page 125 which affects the strip from May 19th, 1963. Part of the word balloon is obscured. A fan who goes by the name Steven R Smiley has posted a corrected, fully-legible panel to the Dick Tracy Fan Club Facebook group.