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The Complete Dick Tracy Vol. 16
The Complete Chester Gould's Dick Tracy Volume 16
Author Chester Gould
Publication date March, 2014
Published by IDW
ISBN 97816313778647
Publication Order
Preceded by
The Complete Dick Tracy Vol. 15
Followed by
The Complete Dick Tracy Vol. 17

The Complete Dick Tracy Volume 16 contains the strips written and drawn by Chester Gould originally published in newspapers between the dates October 25th, 1954 and May 13th, 1956.

It includes the following storylines:

The Flattop Jr. storyline is concluded in the subsequent volume.

The book also includes original supplemental material, including the essay "So Immense" by Jeff Kersten and the essay "Meet You at the Morgue!" by Max Allan Collins.


  • This volume continues the new practice of including a Dick Tracy Family Album & Mug Shot Files feature. In this volume, this feature is identified as the third in a series. However, the feature had debuted in the previous volume, making this only the second in the series. The mis-numbering would be repeated in subsequent volumes.