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The Claw was the villain of the film Dick Tracy's Dilemma. He was played by Jack Lambert.

Steve Michel had been a bootlegger and hijacker. He had been injured during an encounter with the Coast Guard, losing his right hand and permanently hobbling his right leg. He then took on the alias of "The Claw". At the time of his encounter with Dick Tracy, he was 39 years old. He was 6' 2" tall and weighed 225 lbs. He had small eyes, thick eyebrows and a high forehead.

Character History[]

The Claw was part of a gang that stole an inventory of furs from a warehouse. As the most vicious member of the gang, The Claw began to eliminate witnesses that could identify them. He used the sharp hook that had replaced his hand as a weapon. He later turned on his gang and killed them as well.


Dick Tracy and Pat Patton were able to track the Claw to his hideout. The Claw fled, and Tracy chased him onto a building site. The Claw accidentally touched his hook hand to a powerful generator and he was electrocuted.


  • Unlike the other villains from the RKO films (Splitface, Cueball, Gruesome), The Claw has not been incorporated into the comic strip's continuity.
  • An Asian villain called "The Claw" appeared on the 1960s TV sitcom Get Smart. However, his hand was more of a clamp. The later Get Smart feature film entitled The Nude Bomb also a featured a villain that shared some similarities with The Claw. Nino Salvatori Sebastiani had lost his right hand (and an eye and some other body parts) in a laboratory explosion.