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The Celebrated Cases of Dick Tracy
Author Chester Gould
Publication date 1970
Published by Chelsea House
ISBN 039441964X
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The Celebrated Cases of Dick Tracy 1931-1951 is a collection of several Dick Tracy storylines, originally collected and published by Chelsea House in 1970.

In addition to the comic strips, the book also includes an interview with Chester Gould, an introduction by Ellery Queen, a timeline of supporting characters (up to 1950), a Rogues' Gallery feature, and an overview of Dick Tracy's scientific arsenal. 

The book includes the following storylines:

The book is popular and has been reprinted several times, and can be obtained relatively easily. The first edition features color reproductions of the first 2 storylines, though subsequent editions do not have this feature.

The book has some shortcomings. Several strips or panels have been omitted, either to conserve space to exclude possibly disturbing content. For example, the incident in which the Brow breaks the Summer Sisters' wrists is absent, as are the iconic death scenes of both the Brow and Flattop. Additionally, the Sunday strips are not included, which can result in abrupt jumps in the stories. Also, the story selection is puzzling, as many Tracy fans would most likely have preferred the inclusion of Pruneface (and/or his wife), Shaky, or Itchy over Mary X, Jerome Trohs, or Pear-Shape.

In spite of its faults, the book serves as a fine introduction to the Tracy mythos for new readers.