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The Black Hearts

First Appearance:

October 21st, 2013 (identified by name)

Created By:

Mike Curtis &
Joe Staton

The Black Hearts was a large criminal organization.

The Black Hearts was overseen by Mr. Bribery, who wanted a criminal organization of his own to challenge and usurp The Apparatus. Bribery - using the alias "Mr. Bigg" - began assembling his group at a time when the world believed that he was deceased. His continued his practice of branding the foreheads of the members of his inner circle with a letter B.

Bribery was obsessed with the long-overlooked Moon culture, its devices, and its people. One of his first efforts as leader of the Black Hearts was to recruit Dr. Zy Ghote and Dr. S. Tim Sail to create a duplicate of the Lunarian woman known as Moon Maid. To this end, they altered the human Mindy Ermine into a hybrid being with Lunarian DNA. Mindy believed that she was the original Moon Maid, and she began to appear in public, creating a controversy.

Many of the associates that worked with Bribery had names or mannerisms that connected them with his interest in outer space. For a time, these operatives worked without Bribery's direct supervision, and their activities brought them into contact with other criminal figures and Dick Tracy.

Eventually, Bribery arrived in Dick Tracy's city to take control of the Black Hearts himself. He and his operatives were successful in taking over much of the Apparatus' business, but he was unable to control the new Moon Maid, who made a new life for herself as a law-abiding citizen. The Black Hearts were also able to recruit several prominent members of the Apparatus into their organization.


Unbeknownst to Bribery, his bodyguard T-Bolt was the police officer Lee Ebony in disguise. Ebony conveyed information about Bribery's activities to Dick Tracy and the Major Crimes Unit. This led to a raid on Black Hearts headquarters in Ace Tower. Many members of the Black Hearts were either killed or arrested, but Bribery escaped in an Air Car.

The Black Hearts organization was essentially dismantled at this point, though Bribery continued his criminal activities with a small cadre of relatives and associates before being arrested again.


  • The name "Black Hearts" has sometimes been depicted as one word.
  • In addition to the many outer space-themed figures in the Black Hearts, there was also a significant amount of playing card imagery in the group, especially in the headquarters at Ace Tower.
  • It is not clear if Mr. Bribery started the organization, or if he took control of an existing one and began to direct its activities to suit his goals.