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The second man to use the alias Ten of Spades was a member of the criminal organization known as the Apparatus. He confronted the hired assassin Abner Kadaver at the Patterson Playhouse after Abner unsuccessfully attempted to kill Charlie 21. Ten of Spades seemed to believe that Abner had been trying to kill Dick Tracy, which the Apparatus had forbade Abner from doing.

Ten of Spades confronted Kadaver, who set off a smoke bomb. Ten of Spades shot Abner, apparently killing him. Ten of Spades was then subdued by Dick Tracy and taken into police custody.


  • Ten of Spades is apparently not the same person as the previous Ten of Spades, who was a member of the 52 Gang.
  • It has not been stated how high Ten of Spades ranks within the Apparatus' organizational hierarchy.