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Simmy Colon, also known as Ten of Spades, was a member of the 52 Gang. He had dark wavy hair.

Ten of Spades was a member of the leadership council of the 52 Gang, known as the Royal Flush. He was romantically involved with the Queen of Spades.

Despite his high rank in the organization, Ten of Spades was assigned to guard the gang's mesa-top resort hideout after their celebration of their successful theft of the Space Coupe. Ten of Spades fell asleep at his post, enabling Dick Tracy to infiltrate the hideout by parachuting in under cover of darkness.

Tracy unintentionally woke Ten of Spades and the two men grappled. Tracy threw Ten of Spades off the top of the mesa. Ten of Spades was either killed in the fall or eaten by coyotes. Tracy then assumed his identity.

Investigating Ten of Spades' living quarters, Tracy learned that Ten of Spades was Simmy Colon, a known criminal who had been a fence for a ring of jewel thieves.


  • Ten of Spades was the only member of the 52 Gang other than Ace of Spades to be shown without their mask. Ten of Spades did not seem to have a tattoo on his forehead, which may indicate that Ace of Spades was the only member of the gang with that affectation.
  • The name "Simmy Colon" would seem to be a play on "semi-colon", a punctuation mark. The connection to character is not clear.
  • Another man using the alias Ten of Spades appeared in the strip later. It is presumably not the same person.