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Television (or TV) is an electronic device that allows for the viewing of broadcast and recorded moving images. The first practical television transmission in America took place in 1929.

Television in Dick Tracy[]

Long before television became commonplace in America, it was depicted in the Dick Tracy comic strip being used by both heroes and villains. In separate stories, both The Mole and Pruneface used television-like devices to secure their hideouts and monitor police activity.

Later, Diet Smith Industries produced the Tele-Guard Camera, a portable TV camera that aided in surveillance. Tracy's department also used television to conduct long-distance police line-ups to identify criminals.

Young Sparkle Plenty enjoyed a career as an entertainer on television, which brought her to the attention of the criminal (and television saboteur) T.V. Wiggles.

The people of Moon Valley learned Earth languages and customs by viewing Earth television broadcasts on their large receivers.

Auntie Freedom waged a crusade against television that brought her into conflict with the video bootlegger and television store owner Splitscreen.

Dick Tracy on Television[]

Dick Tracy has appeared on television in several incarnations, including live-action and animation.